Interop with scalajs-react

If you're using Slinky in an application that's already using scalajs-react, Slinky comes with the slinky-scalajsreact-interop module for crossing over between the two styles of writing React code.

libraryDependencies += "me.shadaj" %%% "slinky-scalajsreact-interop" % "0.7.3"

To use this module, simply import the implicit conversions between Slinky and scalajs-react types.

import slinky.scalajsreact.Converters._

Then use the converters .toSlinky and .toScalaJSReact to convert React elements from each library to the other.

This makes it possible to use Slinky components from scalajs-react and vice-versa. For example, the following code can now work:

val ScalajsReactComponent =
    .render_P(name => <.div( // a scalajs-react tag here
      "Hello, ", name,
      "This is a component from scalajs-react",
      div( // a Slinky tag being used here
        "and this is from Slinky inside the scalajs-react component!"
@react class SlinkyComponent extends StatelessComponent {
  case class Props(name: String)

  def render(): ReactElement = {

SlinkyComponent("Interop works!")